04 March 2013

Bios Urn - Be reborn as a Tree!!!

This wonderful innovation was put together with the minds of Martin Azua and Gerald Moline, unfortunately, their site is not is english, but nonetheless, I'm quite certain adaptations will take place in our red, white and blue neck. The product as is, is a biodegradable coconut shell, peat and cellulose, along with a tree seed of your choice, and, ahem, your remains.

Yes!!! Finally an afterlife I can get behind. Of course, being forever inquisitive my first thought was; but what exactly remains that a tree might be able to use? Followed by; is this legal? All the while quite convinced that I will be being planted as a tree no matter what.

In pursuit of my questions I discovered a number of things, cremation is a process of burning organic material, most of which dissipates, and the remaining chemicals include any metals we have amassed (lead, mercury, etc.) as well as phosphorus, carbon, and calcium (largely the remnants of bone only). This wonderful essay discusses the remnants far more knowledgeably than I. And Time also wrote an informative discussion on the topic as well.

I'm sold. Grow me up as a tree, let my yard be speckled with loved ones, let life be reborn instead of wasted in boxes-


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