20 July 2010

Genetic map of human migration

In this Scientific American article, the wonderful expansion of genetic utility comes into play, by mapping the progression of human migration. This is fascinating, take the following expert;

“Then, in 1987, Rebecca L. Cann and Allan C. Wilson of the University of California, Berkeley, published a groundbreaking paper based on analyzing the DNA of mitochondria, the cell’s energy-producing organelles, which are passed down through the maternal line. They reported that humans from different populations all descended from a single female in Africa who lived about 200,000 years ago—a finding that immediately made headlines trumpeting the discovery of the “Mitochondrial Eve.” (Despite the Biblical allusion, this Eve was not the first woman: her lineage, though, is all that has survived.)” ~Scientific American, July 08 issue, pg 58

This only begins the material discussed. The article includes both the analytical study of mitochondrial DNA (maternal decent) as well as the less familiar traceability of the Y chromosome, which is passed on paternally to only male children. It also discusses some amazing information about different theory’s including one of Neandertal (or, Neanderthal) and Homo sapiens partaking in inter species breeding.


Visiting the Local 'Nature in a Box' Display

So, to enjoy the weather this past weekend, I went to my local ‘nature in a box’ display. It's close by, on an expanse of seventy two acres. Unfortunately, instead of a day of joy and wonder (as I distinctly remember it ;) this day brought me discomfort. The animals did not seem to be in enough natural space, or to be particularly comfortable in their habitats. Nor did they seem particularly well cared for. Granted, the expense of such care must be significant. But, a free, short lived life -- is better then a long confined one, don't you agree? I did still enjoy the rare ability to see such creatures up close. But, I do not think that the Zoo kept applicable space for such worthy living forms.

On a related note; I watched coverage of a small black panther trying to get into a residence last night on the news. The lady called the cops and the cops (did the only thing they know how to do, other than being prejudice and corrupt) shot the panther. Sigh… is it but with carelessness our species try’s?

In better news; the Humpback Whale is growing in numbers and almost ready to be taken off the endangered list. Hopefully, this will not be... off the list of endangered species, only to be added to a menu :(


03 July 2010

Apathetic Humanity

It is with fervor and tolerance that I embrace the humility of life
Sufferers who exude apathy and selfishness collide;
In a life of only experiences and a death of likely none,
time is of the essence.

Do not waste understanding through lethargy and laziness.
Knowledge is founded on many, many minds.
We are each only granted one.
And with it, only one chance to add to that knowledge.

I've Thought...

03.09 ~ I am but human, in my thoughts and desires- in my inconsistencies. It makes my opposing decisions no less real, no less quantitative... confusion is but the eye of truth, beckoning reason. ~ 03.12 ~ Time. It's existence is action progression, regression, reflection and projection. What in time is solidified and carried to another time is my choice. In one choice you lose all others; as an atom appreciates when the observer decides. It's a blue ocean of intrigue and a wave of contentment- that I am lost in, whilst, carried by. ~ 03.23 ~ That we are all part of one pulsing energy of life.. ~ 3.28 ~ There is no greater power, than the power of words. In speech we pass each other in halls, ride in elevators and embark in the great adventure that are words - with all of their beauty and intrigue. There are no wrong words spoken, only wrong interpretations and implications. Honest words are organic, true and expressions of what we are; existing autonomously and innocently, regardless of what others may think of them. 3.30 ~ That, the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. It certainly doesn't help being in the company of those who have succeeded in accumulating far more knowledge than I. Is the differentiation between intelligence and knowledge simply the accumulation verses the ability to learn/understand? Or, are the two interchangeable. I feel as though time is passing faster than my ability to accumulate... do other people share this conundrum, I wonder... 4.02 ~ That, "It is what it is" isn't exactly accurate. "It is what I make it" is more so... 4.08 ~ That, "it's not time that matters... it's that mattering is what makes time." 4.12 ~ I watch and wonder... think and ponder... about it. Should I find that I have analyzed to much, to little; or that the quandary was all for not, I'll not know till the applicable time has passed.I hereby instill time as my guide, innocently and fully without disposition and without angst. (4.17) ~ Though random, we should not ignore paths crossed. Just as, we should not entirely exclude emotion from our conclusions. (4.26) ~ That I dispise my lack of control over my own intentions and wonder why I am so weak in this regard. (4.27) ~ That I have opened doors, I wished to open, while simultaniously putting other doors at risk of closing. It's not with resistance I contemplate, it's with anxiety. (4.28) That, I should take a break. Time to simply be, for a bit. (5.01) Its hunger drives decent of rational, a battle of wit and need. Like rain pouring down, wisped by winds, settled by gravity, I’m drawn to it ~ KAS