25 February 2009

Another diversion... cells ~ updated 4.2

So... recently. I asked someone about their research & they answered "cell"

I have also recently asked a fellow staff member why one might be reluctant to discuss their research; and it was explained to me that the field is so competitive that researchers prefer to keep information under wraps for fear of being out-published. In a world where work published and discovered is the foundation for reference to ones credit. One is either remembered or revered as an "Einstein" or not. Not that my layman ears would put anyone at such risk. I think it's likely that such people do not feel the need to 'explain' and that it can be frusterating continiously doing so for the curiously ignorant. Like myself.

Nonetheless, I found this distressing. How can progression flow unburdened, if the burden is the progression?

Not coincidently, I also recently inquired with a professor into their work. The reply was an exuberant explanation of the particular health study; being sensitive to the above advice regarding researchers concerns with losing credit- I have the sense to not explain further. ;) But, loved it and refuse to stop asking due to this encouragement.

**Update 4.2.09

So, today, I received an email from a co-worker whom I am social with. The email was subject lined "Swooped" and was about a researcher whose work was recently "swooped" by another scientist that got access or awareness of the work and published with his own data. Quicker. Ouch!


But, on to the subject at hand. The original discourse of someone telling me 'cell' when asked for the "cliff notes" of their research.

22 February 2009

Atoms Poetry

In ninety four combinations, they lie
Intrinsic partners of opposites, attracted
Keeping order, Energy's fury wizzing by

Life, the remnant of stars passing
Death, the birth of new
The same amount, reused

To attract and never touch
The delicacy's of balance
The energy- always enough

It pains me to think
That in terms such as this
Our lives are but combinations- of unrest

I've Thought...

03.09 ~ I am but human, in my thoughts and desires- in my inconsistencies. It makes my opposing decisions no less real, no less quantitative... confusion is but the eye of truth, beckoning reason. ~ 03.12 ~ Time. It's existence is action progression, regression, reflection and projection. What in time is solidified and carried to another time is my choice. In one choice you lose all others; as an atom appreciates when the observer decides. It's a blue ocean of intrigue and a wave of contentment- that I am lost in, whilst, carried by. ~ 03.23 ~ That we are all part of one pulsing energy of life.. ~ 3.28 ~ There is no greater power, than the power of words. In speech we pass each other in halls, ride in elevators and embark in the great adventure that are words - with all of their beauty and intrigue. There are no wrong words spoken, only wrong interpretations and implications. Honest words are organic, true and expressions of what we are; existing autonomously and innocently, regardless of what others may think of them. 3.30 ~ That, the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. It certainly doesn't help being in the company of those who have succeeded in accumulating far more knowledge than I. Is the differentiation between intelligence and knowledge simply the accumulation verses the ability to learn/understand? Or, are the two interchangeable. I feel as though time is passing faster than my ability to accumulate... do other people share this conundrum, I wonder... 4.02 ~ That, "It is what it is" isn't exactly accurate. "It is what I make it" is more so... 4.08 ~ That, "it's not time that matters... it's that mattering is what makes time." 4.12 ~ I watch and wonder... think and ponder... about it. Should I find that I have analyzed to much, to little; or that the quandary was all for not, I'll not know till the applicable time has passed.I hereby instill time as my guide, innocently and fully without disposition and without angst. (4.17) ~ Though random, we should not ignore paths crossed. Just as, we should not entirely exclude emotion from our conclusions. (4.26) ~ That I dispise my lack of control over my own intentions and wonder why I am so weak in this regard. (4.27) ~ That I have opened doors, I wished to open, while simultaniously putting other doors at risk of closing. It's not with resistance I contemplate, it's with anxiety. (4.28) That, I should take a break. Time to simply be, for a bit. (5.01) Its hunger drives decent of rational, a battle of wit and need. Like rain pouring down, wisped by winds, settled by gravity, I’m drawn to it ~ KAS