02 February 2011

Atomic Structure of Water

Raindrops fall on the green leaves this afternoon and my thoughts wander to water. I have two small tomato plans, growing in the window, needing water and light alone to prosper. Little bristles of organic promises and wisps of petals to be grown to new leaves. It's scent, a musky and poignant one of fruitful promises. This life granted by drops of water, poured into dirt and absorbed through roots. Utterly fascinating, that such things happen from so little.

Here on Earth, we live on a planet covered by water. Over seventy percent of our world, is water. Over fifty percent of our bodies is water. Hydrogen, one of the only chemical elements not created in a star, has held a special spot for longevity among the cosmos and is a key component of water.

There's oceans, ice burgs, raindrops, evaporation and condensation, fog and hot water springs. There are a foundation of organic liquids that allow for physiology. Flesh and all life is founded on the malleability and utility of water. We sustain our bodies through copious consumption of water, we bath and Christen and swim in water. It brings life to us, while also hindering and taking it.

Rain holds special relevance in human life and across the globe, populations view rain as life granting, crop growing as well as with ominous and fearful connotations. Rain, at night, is my absolute favorite.

Water, like all substances, is made of atoms. Most water is a combination of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom; creating the molecule H2O. Hydrogen is number one on our periodic table, as it consists of only one electron and one proton and as such is the lightest atom; though it's various isotopes include a neutron or two neutrons within the nucleus (sharing it's space with the one proton constant) It's the most abundant element in the cosmos, occupying about 75% of all space. It also is highly capable of connecting to other atoms as atoms connect with other atoms via electrons in available occupancy space (like a puzzle, an atom with two electrons can connect with another that allows for the occupancy of two additional electrons). As the Hydrogen atom has only one electron, it has seven remaining connectible spaces. Water is amazing, life granting and transfixing.

This week is going to be a rainy one... You know, we never touch a thing due to atoms; all matter is opposing all other matter. The drops don't really touch your skin, they hover above the electrons of your skins atoms, shivering.


I've Thought...

03.09 ~ I am but human, in my thoughts and desires- in my inconsistencies. It makes my opposing decisions no less real, no less quantitative... confusion is but the eye of truth, beckoning reason. ~ 03.12 ~ Time. It's existence is action progression, regression, reflection and projection. What in time is solidified and carried to another time is my choice. In one choice you lose all others; as an atom appreciates when the observer decides. It's a blue ocean of intrigue and a wave of contentment- that I am lost in, whilst, carried by. ~ 03.23 ~ That we are all part of one pulsing energy of life.. ~ 3.28 ~ There is no greater power, than the power of words. In speech we pass each other in halls, ride in elevators and embark in the great adventure that are words - with all of their beauty and intrigue. There are no wrong words spoken, only wrong interpretations and implications. Honest words are organic, true and expressions of what we are; existing autonomously and innocently, regardless of what others may think of them. 3.30 ~ That, the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. It certainly doesn't help being in the company of those who have succeeded in accumulating far more knowledge than I. Is the differentiation between intelligence and knowledge simply the accumulation verses the ability to learn/understand? Or, are the two interchangeable. I feel as though time is passing faster than my ability to accumulate... do other people share this conundrum, I wonder... 4.02 ~ That, "It is what it is" isn't exactly accurate. "It is what I make it" is more so... 4.08 ~ That, "it's not time that matters... it's that mattering is what makes time." 4.12 ~ I watch and wonder... think and ponder... about it. Should I find that I have analyzed to much, to little; or that the quandary was all for not, I'll not know till the applicable time has passed.I hereby instill time as my guide, innocently and fully without disposition and without angst. (4.17) ~ Though random, we should not ignore paths crossed. Just as, we should not entirely exclude emotion from our conclusions. (4.26) ~ That I dispise my lack of control over my own intentions and wonder why I am so weak in this regard. (4.27) ~ That I have opened doors, I wished to open, while simultaniously putting other doors at risk of closing. It's not with resistance I contemplate, it's with anxiety. (4.28) That, I should take a break. Time to simply be, for a bit. (5.01) Its hunger drives decent of rational, a battle of wit and need. Like rain pouring down, wisped by winds, settled by gravity, I’m drawn to it ~ KAS