10 March 2010

Lagrangian Points ~ Parking Lots in Space!

There are (5) Lagrangian Points in the Earth & Sun system. Lagrangian Points (also known as Lagrange Points) exist within allocations of space between two bodies of mass and their respective gravitational influence. So, the Earth/Sun system includes the area that the Sun effects with it's gravitational pull on the Earth as well as the Earths area of gravitational effect. Another... If you draw a circle around the Sun including the Earth within it; drew another circle around the Earth as far out as the effect on Mass exists and then converged the two with a third all encompassing circle- that is the system.

The two masses interaction and influence over one another, effect all additional objects that occupy any space within the final circle. As with general relatively and space curvature, all objects orbit if influenced to do so. So, within this system of massive influences on things in orbit; opposing orbits and lines of three interacting orbits exist. When two masses encounter a third as an interference to the balance of the two; both of the massive objects relinquish force, as they are in perfect balance, over the third object. As such, the object is not pulled in an orbit because there is no definitive superior force either way and it will stay 'parked' within this location.

There are (3) unstable locations and (2) stable. The unstable are located at a particular area at which the mass effect of each planetary body is evenly split (ex. between the Earth and Sun) and then an object comes to lie directly between the mass gravitational pull of both on one another. This example is a representation of L1 which lies between the Earth and Sun and is also conveniently the location of a satellite that acts as an observer to our sun.

Another Lagrange Point lies on the opposite side of Earth and allows for a fantastic view of the Universe and is rightly occupied by satellite's and in the near future a telescope. The third unstable Lagrange Point lies behind the Sun and is not in sight of the Earth. As such, it has been victim to many Science Fiction story lines (Planet X) and other such elaborations.

The stable Lagrange Points lie at an angle to the Sun and Earth; the angle is created by taking a line between the Earth and Sun and using that line as the bottom to two right triangles. So, one triangle extends to the right of the line and one to the left. At the top of these triangles (which are essentially pointing to the Right or Left, not up) are the two stable Lagrange Points (easy explanation disclaimer, outward triangle line length determined by mass and distance; not just distance; and is an area, not a point.)

So, to summarize. The 'unstable' ones are titled L1, L2 & L3. L1 is located between the Sun and Earth. L2 is located on the other side of the Earth, also in line with the Earth and Sun. And the third is located on the other side of the Sun, in line as well. L4 and L5 are the 'stable' Lagrange Points and are located to the (R) and (L) of the Earth Sun Line, respectively.

These Lagrange Points exist in all such 'systems' of two masses gravitational pull on one another. There are examples of such points accumulating debris and mass and as such have orbiting masses of their own.. And to maintain an object within the unstable Lagrange Points there is need for adjustments so as to not be tossed out in space at interval based instabilities.

As with all things in space and interaction of mass, I am intrigued. And as such laws predict, the rain falls on my roof today while my neighbor cuts down trees ~ interesting...


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